Ava says the FBI took her mother, Karen, away when she was just two days old, and she was raised believing her father, Frankie’s, second wife was her biological mother. Her oldest sister, Sandy, claims she was “bounced” between two different families as an infant before being “sold” to her adoptive parents for $5,000.

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Frankie claims that he and his ex-wife Karen had 10 babies in 10 years and she placed eight of them for adoption without his knowledge.

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“I did not know that she was scamming anybody out of any money for the babies,” he claims in the video above.

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Frankie denies allegations that he had any part in “selling” their children to adoptive couples, or to defraud other would-be parents out of thousands of dollars.

“I believe my dad played as big of a part as Karen did,” claims Ava in part one of a two-part Dr. Phil airing Monday. “They wanted money,” she adds.

“I think he masterminded it,” claims Sandy, adding that she wants to know whether Frankie loved any of his children, “or if we were just a piece of property to him.”

Tune in Thursday to hear what Frankie tells her when they come face-to-face for the first time since Sandy was an infant.

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‘I Believe They Both Wanted Money,’ Says Woman Who Claims Her Parents ‘Sold’ Her Older Siblings To Adoptive Parents