Nikki claims that shortly after she became a certified instructor of the “Vixen Workout,” she was wrongfully terminated and the founder, Janet Jones, started to ‘defame’ her character.

“I was wrongfully terminated by Janet Jones and ‘Vixen Workout.’ It was just out of the blue and I was, just, like, dumbfounded, like, this isn’t real, this isn’t happening, this is a joke,” claims Nikki. “I didn’t know I was in violation.”

Creator Of Famous Fitness Program At War With Former Employee

Nikki claims that when she first started teaching, there were no guidelines in place and no list of rules, so she had no idea that she was breaking the rules. Since her termination, Nikki claims Janet has been badmouthing her on social media to her 100,000 “Vixen Army Members.”

“I’m being attacked online, I’m being bullied. Janet Jones is very vindictive,” Nikki claims. “I’m suing Janet personally for advertising that I’m a con artist and defaming my character, causing me to lose income.”

Janet says Nikki was breaking all the rules, so she had no choice but to kick her out of the “Vixen Army,” and she denies slandering her. Janet claims that Nikki is now cyberstalking her, harassing her instructors and is trying to ruin her business.

Nikki turns to Dr. Phil for help, saying, “I’m in fear of my safety. I have to walk around with weapons.”

On Monday’s episode, Nikki faces Janet. Can Dr. Phil help these former co-workers come to a truce? Check here to see where you can watch.