Dawn claims her daughter, Kristina’s, relationship with her fiancé, Troy, is toxic. Dawn claims Troy is controlling, alienating Kristina from the family and “brainwashing” her – and that Kristina told her that Troy threatened to kill her if she left the relationship.

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Kristina says her mom’s accusations are unfounded – and that it’s her mom who is causing problems.
In the video above from Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Kristina and Dawn face each other for the first time in months – and rehash a fight that led to a rift in their relationship. Hear what Kristina claims Dawn did that put her 2-year-old daughter in danger, and why Dawn says she believes Troy is afraid of her. Plus, see what happens that causes Dr. Phil to tell Dawn, “I’m a little afraid of you myself.”

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On Friday’s episode, hear what Troy says about the situation. And, what does Dr. Phi say must happen if this family wants to heal their relationships? Check here to see where you can watch.