Lisa, who denies her daughter, Misti’s, claims that she’s been a “heavy alcoholic” for years, was recently arrested and charged with her third DUI.

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“I was just going to run down to Sonic and just get me a drink (milkshake) just through the drive-thru. And when I pulled in there I got surrounded by cops. They found two fifths of vodka.”

“I feel angry that we’re doing this again,” says Misti. “She called me from the jail and said, can you please bring me some pants. So - she literally was arrested with no pants on, in her car.”

Misti continues, “She doesn't get it at all, she's in complete denial. She never takes responsibility. It's always somebody else's fault, or there was a reason why. I mean, she literally acts like a child.”

Misti claims that starting with pain medication prescribed for a legitimate injury two decades ago, she’s been dealing with her mother’s dependencies for over 20 years.

Why does she say she believes her mother “literally is on death’s door?” Tune in to  Monday's Dr. Phil.

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