Michelle claims her ex, Tom, is violent, abusive, mentally ill and “a deadbeat dad.” She says she was awarded full custody of their two boys in their divorce; with “mutually agreed upon parenting time.”

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“Tom and I couldn’t agree on any custody whatsoever until he came to me and said he would give me full custody for the minivan,” claims Michelle. She says she “jumped on the chance.”

Michelle claims Tom, who is retired military, suffers from “mental health issues” and PTSD. “He frightens me – and what he might do to our children to get even with me.”

Tom adamantly denies Michelle’s allegations and claims it’s Michelle who’s the violent one – not him. He’s even accusing her of trying to hire someone to kill him.

Michelle dismisses Tom’s accusations. She says - until he seeks professional help - she won’t let him see their two boys because “he is unstable and unpredictable.”

On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Michelle asks for help for Tom “so that he can be a healthy father for two little boys who need him.”

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Ex-Wife Is 'Bitter, Angry, And Will Do Anything To Destroy Me,' Claims Man Fighting For Custody Of His Kids.