Amanda claims that her mother-in-law, Kathy, has made her life a “living hell.” The mom of two claims Kathy, who lives next door, has turned into a “monster-in-law” who is a “lying, vindictive, manipulative snake.”

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Kathy, however, claims Amanda has anger problems and erratic behavior. She claims Amanda, who was married to her son, Greg, for 15 years before divorcing him – and now wants to remarry him -- has threatened to set her house on fire, and punched her on the side of her head five times before taking out a restraining order after claiming she was in danger, and had her arrested.

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The family turns to Dr. Phil for help. In the video above, Dr. Phil asks Amanda, “Do you have an anger issue?” See her response. And, hear what Greg says about his ex’s behavior. Can Dr. Phil help these in-laws resolve their differences? Check here to see where you can watch Wednesday’s episode.

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