Kaden claims that her boyfriend, Matthew, was sexually abused as a child and she is the only one who is trying to help him. She claims that his mother and grandmother ignored the signs and don’t love him. Watch more of her story here.

Conflict so big it needs a Dr. Phil solution?

However, Matthew’s mother and grandmother claim Kaden is “brainwashing” Matthew to believe he was abused and they want him away from Kaden.

WATCH: Woman Claims Son’s Girlfriend Is Isolating Him From Their Family

In the video above, Dr. Phil reads a Facebook message Kaden sent to Matthew’s mom. Is Matthew surprised to learn what his girlfriend, who is 24 years his senior, wrote to his mother? Is Matthew being conned, do his mom and grandmother need to accept Matthew’s traumatic past, or is something else going on? Check here to see where you can watch  Friday’s episode.

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