Cyndy says she’s certain her friend Mark has been scammed by someone in Nigeria for close to $1 million. She says Mark met a woman named “Kelly Smith” on an online dating website and within three days, she was asking him to send money to help her get a multi-million dollar inheritance from Nigeria to the United States.

Cyndy claims she immediately told Mark he was being scammed -- so how did she get involved with helping him send money overseas?

“Mark came to me to send money for him to ‘Kelly,’ and I agreed,” Cyndy says. “Mark had run out of his own money.”

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Cyndy says Mark had her driving all over town, sending as much as $1,000 a day.

“I was transferring money to many different names,” Cyndy says.” I got blocked a couple times because they caught on to some of the names. They would say, ‘This name has been associated with a scam.’ Mark told me, ‘They don’t know what they’re talking about; they’re idiots.’”

Mark, who admits he’s sent $750,000 to help a woman he’s never met, says he’s certain he’s not being scammed. He says he’s been sending money for six years to get two boxes containing millions in cash and jewelry, and he knows what he’s doing.

“I have sent money all over the world. In the beginning, it was very easy, but now, [money transfer services] will stop me,” he says. “’Kelly’ contacted a friend and asked him if he could help us out. This guy wired $35,000 into my account. If she was scamming me, it doesn’t make sense that she would have somebody wire that money to me.”

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On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Mark explains why he’s convinced “Kelly” is not a scammer. And on Tuesday, the Dr. Phil show conducts a global investigation to determine where the boxes are. See what is discovered at the address that Mark gave for “Kelly” in Nigeria! Check here to see where you can watch.