“My granddaughter, Brinley, went from a sweet, loving little girl to an out-of-control runaway who acts like a criminal,” says Sandy, adding that she fears for the 15-year-old’s safety.
Sandy says she believes her daughter, Brinley’s mom, Cassie, and her husband, Jonah, are partly to blame for the teen’s behavior. “My daughter, Cassie, can rage and be narcissistic,” Sandy claims.

Cassie’s husband, Jonah, admits he uses drugs and alcohol to excess and has put his younger daughters in danger.
“I don’t feel like my granddaughter’s behavior is going to get any better until her parents get their act together,” Sandy says.
Hear more about the family in the video above.
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WATCH: Mom Claims 15-Year-Old Is Wreaking Havoc On Family; Dr. Phil Says Her Husband’s Behavior Is Criminal

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