Olivia says she’s “terrified” that her best friend, Ivey, works as an escort – and she says she blames Ivey’s mom, Faith, for why Ivey doesn’t have a better sense of right and wrong.

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“Her mom was just never involved as a parent. I remember when we were in the seventh grade, Ivey had this boyfriend that was, like, 22 or 23, and her mom had no problem with it,” Olivia claims. “Personally, I feel like Faith is more interested in her personal appearance and her relationship with the men that come in and out of her life, more than she’s been interested in her relationship with her daughter.”

Olivia continues, “I really do feel like Ivey’s lost. I feel like she needs a lot of help. She just needs guidance, and that’s something that Faith has failed to do throughout her life, and that’s why we’re in the position that we’re in.”

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In the video above, sparks fly when Olivia and Faith come face-to-face on Dr. Phil’s stage, and Dr. Phil is forced to interrupt their conversation multiple times.

And on Monday's episode, hear why Dr. Phil believes Ivey may be behaving the way she does? Check here to see where you can watch.

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