Kelly says she started an online peer group to support women with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. She says she banned Dana, who had been an administrator in the group, claiming Dana grew combative with her over protocol regarding suicidal posts from members.

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Kelly admits that after banning Dana, she referred to her as “narcissistic” and “bat [expletive] crazy” in a private post to other administrators, but says she later took down the post and apologized. Now, Kelly claims, Dana has been cyberstalking and harassing her, and even got her fired from her job, claims Dana denies.

WATCH Woman Accused Of Cyberstalking Former Leader Of Online Support Group Says Page Was “Like A Fan Club To Her’

The two women meet face-to-face for the very first time on Thursday’s, Dr. Phil.

“Kelly apologized and took down the post so why were you still so upset?” Dr. Phil asks Dana.

“I’ve not received an apology,” Dana replies.

Watch the video above to learn what Dana says happened to her cousin, who was a member of a new online group that Kelly runs. Does Dana say she blames Kelly for her cousin’s fate?

Plus, why does Dana claim that Kelly is an “armchair therapist?”

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