Brenda and her husband, Andy, say they are deeply concerned about Brenda’s daughter, Autumn, who has no job, no money, and has been camping in the Arizona desert with her partner, Mark, for the past year-and-a-half. They claim that Mark has “brainwashed” Autumn into making unsafe choices which Autumn and Mark adamantly deny.

“I know Autumn is hurting, and I know she wants out of the situation,” says Brenda.

Autumn, who says the hardest part about camping in the desert is that they have no bathroom and have to haul water back to their campsite every day, disagrees with her mom.

“I’m living off the grid, and I’m in control of my day. I’m a lot happier now than if I were to be in an apartment spending most of my waking life at a job,” she claims.

Dr. Phil producers arranged for the couple to stay at a hotel in Phoenix so they could participate in the taping of Monday’s episode, “‘Is Our Homeless Daughter Brainwashed, Lazy or Just Entitled?’” When Dr. Phil asks, “How is that for a break from the desert?” how does Autumn respond?

Plus, Autumn admits to becoming dependent on heroin as a teenager and says she and Mark walk from their campsite to go to a methadone clinic every day. Does she say she’s worried about what would happen to them if there was a medical emergency?

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