Colleen and Tina say that they’re scared that Tina’s 11-year-old daughter, “Marie,” will one day go on a killing spree. They claim the young girl has tried to smother her brother, killed a cat and harmed other children. Tina claims she doesn’t know where her daughter’s extreme behavior stems from – but Colleen says she blames Tina.

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“Tina’s daughter’s issues stem from a lack of parenting,” Colleen claims. She says that when Marie was an infant, she and Tina lived with Colleen, and Tina was supposed to help take care of Colleen’s children. “Tina was allowing my daughter to engage in drinking and smoking,” claims Colleen.

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Colleen claims Tina and Marie then moved from home to home, and Tina was jobless. “Tina says that she cannot get a job or find stable housing because of her daughter’s behavior, but I believe that’s an excuse,” Colleen says. “It’s time for Tina to take responsibility, grow up and become a mother.”

In the video above from Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil reviews Tina’s questionable parenting, according to her family. How does she respond? What does Dr. Phil say this young mom must do to regain custody of her daughter? Check here to see where you can watch.

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