“My 15-year-old daughter, Brinley, has been a total teenage nightmare,” says Cassie. “She’s getting into fights, vaping, smoking marijuana, sneaking out at night.”

Cassie says she tries to punish the teen, but she just runs away. “It’s, like, she’s punishing me for punishing her,” she says. “I need to get my parenting skills in check, or Brinley’s going to continue heading down this road to nowhere.”

Hear more from Cassie in the video above, and see how Brinley and Dr. Phil respond.

On Friday’s episode, "Fractured Family Fall Out!" Brinley says she’s not the problem – it’s her stepfather, Jonah, who drinks and uses drugs to excess, and her mom who keeps allowing him around Brinley and her younger siblings. Then, on Monday, will Cassie choose her husband or her children? Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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