Krystina says her daughter, Samantha, is six months pregnant and she worries that Samantha and her unborn grandchild could both potentially die.

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“My 19-year-old pregnant daughter, Samantha, is on a path to destroy herself and her baby,” Krystina says of her daughter who has type 1 diabetes. “Because Samantha has not cared for herself, we are in fear that this baby is going to be born with severe disabilities.”

Krystina says raising her daughter has been a struggle since she was a teenager. She claims Samantha started searching for guys online when she was 10, skipped school, lied and refused to take her medicine. She says Samantha met her “baby daddy,” who is 14 years her senior, online and became pregnant after a one-night stand.

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Krystina, who says she works seven days a week to ensure she has money to pay for Samantha’s insulin and food, says her daughter ignores doctor's warnings about her health.

“The endocrinologist has told Samantha that she has the highest risk of death within the next six months because the baby takes so much out of her,” she says, turning to Dr. Phil for help. “She is 100 percent in denial. Samantha is not going to be able to take care of this child. If Samantha and this baby survive, then I’m going to be stuck raising this baby. I will not raise this child.”

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In the video above, hear why Krystina calls her daughter a “hot mess” when it comes to her disease. And, could Krystina have contributed to Samantha’s behavior? On Tuesday’s episode, hear from Samantha and see what an ultrasound reveals about her unborn baby. Check here to see where you can watch.

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