Marie, who lives in Australia with her husband, Gordon, claims their home has been “engulfed” with toxic fumes, leaving the home unlivable and making it necessary for the couple to sleep outside in a tent. She claims a neighbor is poisoning them with “chemical bombs,” pesticide sprays, and smoke.

“The neighbor is on a mission to harm us, and it’s a silent war,” she says.

Marie says she began noticing a strong chemical smell in their home in 2017, and that she and Gordon are also experiencing physical symptoms, including rashes, blistering, dizziness, and pain, which causes her to worry about their health. But the worst part, she says, is that her daughters, Amy and Emily, don’t believe her.

Amy and Emily claim their mother is being “extremely paranoid” and say they need Dr. Phil to help them convince Marie that a neighbor is not poisoning her. When he sends professional help to investigate what’s going on inside Marie and Gordon’s home, what do they uncover? Watch Friday’s episode, “Dr. Phil Down Under: Poisoned in Our Own Home?'" to find out!

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WATCH: Sisters Say Mom Is ‘Extremely Paranoid’ In Belief That A Neighbor Is Poisoning Her

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