Kala Brown says when Todd Kohlhepp, a local real estate agent, offered her the opportunity to clean houses to earn extra money, she accepted. The 30-year-old says she had cleaned houses for him four or five times and he seemed like a ‘regular businessman.’ But on August 31, 2016, Brown claims when she and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, arrived at his property after being hired to clear away brush, Kohlhepp shot Charlie to death and then kidnapped her and tied her up.

“He said it was easier to control someone if you took someone they loved,” she says.

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Brown claims Kohlhepp then chained her up inside a dark, metal storage container. She says she was kept inside the container all day except for the 45 minutes twice a day when Kohlhepp took her to another room to rape her.

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In the video above from Brown’s exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airing Tuesday, she tells him that she believes Kohlhepp had a fantasy that the two would become a couple.

“He was going to build a house on the property, and I was going to have a soundproof room, and he’d let me have the run of the property, eventually, when he trusted me,” Brown says, claiming that’s what Kohlhepp told her. “He even said he would let me go and give me some money if he ever got old and sick.”

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On Tuesday’s episode, hear more about Brown’s fight to survive and her dramatic rescue. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Kala Brown Claims Alleged Abductor Made Shocking Confessions To Her