Kala Brown says that on August 31, 2016, she and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, went to the home of Todd Kohlhepp after they were hired to clear brush from his property. She claims that shortly after they arrived, Kohlhepp shot and killed Carver and then chained up her hands, feet and neck. She claims he left her in a dark storage container, only to be taken out for about 45 minutes twice a day when she claims he raped her.

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In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airing Tuesday, Brown tells her story of what happened during the time she was allegedly held captive by the suspected serial killer.

While Brown says there were times she thought she was going to die, she says she soon realized that she was more valuable to Kohlhepp alive.

“He seemed infatuated. I don’t think he wanted to kill me,” Brown says to Dr. Phil in the video above. “He let me know that I was his property and that I’d never go anywhere. That he chose me, and told me how beautiful and smart I was.”

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Brown says she developed a strategy to stay alive. “I realized that it was easier if he felt things were going his way, so I made him think whatever I had to to stay alive and to keep him from abusing me,” she says, claiming that Kohlhepp told her, “As long as I served my purpose I was safe. As long as I didn’t fight back or run, I was safe.”

On November 3, more than two months after she was allegedly kidnapped, Brown was rescued. On Tuesday’s episode, hear more about her fight to survive and about her dramatic rescue. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Kala Brown Claims Alleged Abductor Made Shocking Confessions To Her