“My childhood was frightening – humiliation, starvation, beatings,” claims Mistie. 

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Mistie claims that as a child she and her mother lived homeless in the woods, and often, her mother left her for days by herself.
“My mom was abusive. She was an alcoholic. She was very, like, humiliate you and, like, try to kill you type of abuse,” Mistie claims. “She would wrap me in garbage bags and put me in the trunk of the car and drive around all day. She would, like, throw me in the river and tell me I needed to learn how to swim or drowned.”

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In the video above, hear more about Mistie’s childhood, including giving birth to a son at 14.
On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear what happened in 2012 that landed Mistie in the headlines – and in prison. Can Dr. Phil help Mistie put her trauma behind her so she can heal from her chaotic past? Check here to see where you can watch.