Heather says she doesn’t believe her boyfriend, Collin, is abusive because he hasn’t kicked or punched her, though both she and Collin admit that he has put his hands on her, ripped her clothing, and bitten her face.

Heather claims Collin has “rules” for her that include no guy friends, no social media, no selfies, and no revealing clothing.

“All these rules are really exhausting,” she says. “I’m tired of being controlled and feeling like I can’t live my life and have no freedom.”

Collin claims that Heather “loves to flaunt herself” and says, “If she’s mine – or wants to be my wife – why would she want to act like that?”

Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, “Toxic Love,” airs Tuesday. And on Wednesday’s conclusion, “Toxic Love: Will Heather Leave Collin?”  Heather says that if things don’t change with Collin, she’s “out.” Does she make good on her promise to leave the relationship? Tune in to find out!

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