Suzanne wrote the Dr. Phil show for help with her younger boyfriend, Ryan, who she claims manipulates and mooches off her. She says they don’t get to see each other much because they live in different states, but when they do get together – she foots the bill for everything.

But Ryan says he isn’t Suzanne’s boyfriend and the only reason he even knows her is because he was friends online with her twin sister, Michelle. “Turns out she had terminal ovarian cancer, which was tragic. That’s when she decided to leave me part of her estate.” He says he never even met Michelle in person.


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After Michelle passed away, Ryan says he was contacted by Suzanne – who he claims told him she was Michelle’s twin sister and the executor of her estate. He says he didn’t even know Michelle had a twin until after her death.

Ryan says after they met, Suzanne very quickly told him she was developing feelings for him – and when he didn’t reciprocate “she flipped out on me.” He says she refused to give him the things he believed he was willed by Michelle, and that’s when he says he decided to enter what he says is a “pseudo-relationship” with Suzanne, so he could get the items Michelle left him in her will.

Suzanne says she wants to marry Ryan, but what neither of them knows is - they’ve each been lying to the other; and their mutual deception is about to be exposed. Tune in on Tuesday for part one of this two-part Dr. Phil. Find out where to watch here.

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