Jonathon’s live-in girlfriend, Samantha, took her own life in October 2016. Her parents, Dan and Katie, claim Jonathon controlled and isolated Samantha. Jonathon adamantly denies this, as well as their assertion that it was his behaviors towards their daughter that contributed to her suicide.

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Like Dan and Katie, Samantha’s neighbor, Jen, also claims that Jonathon was “very controlling, of Samantha, tracked her with GPS, and wouldn’t let her have friends."

“Basically, Samantha was not allowed to do anything. She had to ask Jonathon first. Jonathon let me and Samantha be friends because I lived right across the street, and he could pretty much keep tabs on her. Samantha told me that he wanted to have an open relationship,” claims Jen.

She continues, “The night she died - there’s no question about it - they were still very much in a relationship with one another, even though he was sleeping with other people. I told him that none of this would have ever happened if he hadn’t taken that other girl home. His response was that if it hadn’t been that night - it would have been any other night.”

Jonathon says he went home with a friend the night Samantha killed herself but did not sleep with her. He also says the allegations that he was controlling of Samantha stem from a time after he discovered she’d had an affair with someone else, and had threatened to commit suicide if he left her.

“And so I think it’s important to recognize that the position I’m in here, which is - if I separate now, she’s telling me she will kill herself, but if I don’t separate, she still might,” he says.

What does Katie say when Jonathon asks, “What choices am I supposed to make at that point?”

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