Kaden says that she believes her boyfriend, Matthew, was sexually abused as a child and that his grandma, Debbi, who raised him, and his mother, Rhea, ignored the signs.

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“Debbi played a major role in Matthew’s sexual abuse,” claims Kaden, adding that she believes Debbi wasn’t paying attention. “I don’t think that Debbi or Rhea love Matthew.”

Debbi and Rhea deny the allegations and claim that Kaden, who is 24 years older than Matthew, is "brainwashing" him into believing he was abused to take advantage of him.

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Kaden, who says she met Matthew when she placed an ad to find people to help her move, says when they first met, she thought he would be a “good candidate” for a group she started called Mama Trauma Justice Project and Advocacy Services. She says she was able to tell Matthew had been abused and she wanted to help him. Now, she and Matthew live in an RV, panhandle for money and sometimes don’t take showers for weeks.

“I have not brainwashed Matthew. Matthew is here on his own free will,” Kaden says. “I definitely hate Debbi and believe that she is possessed by Satan for sure.”

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Matthew adds, “Kaden is the only one that has helped me move in a positive direction, so she’s the only one that matters right now.”

On  Friday’s episode. of Dr. Phil, Matthew and Kaden come face-to-face with Debbi and Rhea for the first time in a-year-and-a-half. And, hear why Kaden says she believes she has “psychic abilities” that allow her to help Matthew and people like him. Check here to see where you can watch.

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