Missy claims she and her husband, Jason, were forced to fight for custody of their two young nieces to keep them safe from their own parents. Missy says her brother Chris and sister-in-law, Katie, are both homeless and addicted to heroin.

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“My brother and Katie have put their drug use ahead of my nieces’ welfare, and they are in absolute denial,” Missy says.

She and her husband, Jason, claim their 5-and 7- year-old nieces were often left alone, unbathed and hungry.

“My brother and sister-in-law allowed them to be completely unsupervised in a very bad neighborhood,” Missy claims. “One time, they were outside for 13 hours, no shoes, no coats, having to knock on neighbors’ doors for food because they were hungry.”

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Missy also claims that an apartment complex employee found their youngest niece playing in a garbage dumpster and another time behind a van as it was about to back up.

“The most shocking thing was the 4-year-old was found in the burnt down building,” Missy claims.

Chris and Katie insist they’ve never neglected their daughters or put them in harm’s way or let them be in harm’s way. And, they say despite being heroin addicts, they are good, responsible parents.

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Missy says when Chris and Katie were evicted from their apartment, she found out just how deplorable her nieces’ living conditions were.

“The condition of the home was deplorable,” Missy says. She claims the house was filthy, smelled of animal feces and garbage, was filled with fleas, and there was furniture and clothes everywhere. “It was terrifying, to say the least.”

Jason adds, “You could see drug paraphernalia in the girls’ bedroom, easily accessible.”

Missy and Jason say they refuse to return custody to Chris and Katie and that has caused a rift in the family. “When I tried to talk to my brother, he tells me that they’re good parents and that I broke their family up. He’s mad,” says Missy, adding that she got restraining order against brother with regard to the children so that he cannot come to their home or remove the children from school. “What my nieces had to go through is terrible. It infuriates me.”

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