Rayne says her brother, Ridge, who was once a high school football star, can no longer hold eye contact or engage in a conversation, has tics and weird body movements, and is very repetitive. She says she and her mom, Pattie, have tried to help him but he refuses to accept he has a problem.
“I don’t think Ridge believes there’s anything wrong with him. Ridge believes he doesn’t need to be on any medication,” Rayne says. “He’s not mentally stable.”

Hear why Rayne says she’s “very worried” about the 25-year-old and what worries her most in the video above.
Does Ridge think he has a problem? And, does he want help? See what happens on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'From Football Star to Manic Episodes: Can My Son Be Helped?'" Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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