Harmony claims her brother, Brandon, is a manipulator who controls their parents to get what he wants.

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“My parents enable my brother and his lifestyle and behavior,” Harmony says. “I wish my father would show more tough love on my brother. I wish he would just put his foot down and tell him to go get a job or ‘We will not pay for your food anymore. You cannot stay in our home rent-free.’”

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Harmony also claims her 35-year-old brother has borrowed money from her and never paid her back and that he ruined a job opportunity she says she arranged for him.

“I got Brandon a job as a stagehand on the Chris Angel magic tour that I was a part of. After I got Brandon a job, he started having trouble with it. He was found sleeping on the job. He made excuses like he couldn’t do heavy lifting,” she says, adding that her brother was then fired. “My brother getting fired ruined my name.”

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Harmony says she just wants her brother back. “Brandon promises that he’ll change, but he never does,” she says.

In the video above, Dr. Phil asks her, “You think he knows what he’s doing?”

“I think he is smart enough to manipulate and I think he does that often,” she says. “I think sometimes it’s a game for him to just see how long he can go with just borrowing money off of people and not needing to have a job.”

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What It Means To Enable Someone

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What It Means To Enable Someone