Anna Lisa, who is currently caring for her two young grandchildren, says they shouldn’t be returned to her daughter, Amanda, until Amanda breaks up with her fiancé, Alexis.

“Alexis is the father of my children, and she should respect that,” says Amanda, who, along with Alexis, vehemently denies Anna Lisa’s claim that Alexis abuses her.

Child Protective Services removed the children from Amanda and Alexis’s custody, alleging that Amanda violated a court order requiring Alexis’s mother to be present whenever she or Alexis were with their kids.

In  "My Daughter Needs To Leave Her Horrible Fiancé!", part one of this two-part episode, Amanda claims that CPS has “stolen” her children and says she wants them returned immediately because she and Alexis are “wonderful parents.”

Watch the video above to hear how she responds when Dr. Phil asks, “How were your children stolen?”

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