Kim says she was molested by her father, Bob, for years as a child. Now an adult, she says the abuse started off slowly, and that her father groomed her over time.


“He started telling me about how - you know – ‘It’s perfectly normal,' and then he started teaching me how to perform sexual acts,” she says. “And then he started telling me that we were sinning, we were committing adultery and that I needed to stop him and say no.”

Continuing she says, “If I said no, we are sinning, then we wouldn’t do it that night, but then the next night, ‘Oh, come on, you know, it’s normal.’”

“Did he tell you that it was OK to talk about this with your friends or talk about it at school?” Dr. Phil asks her in the video above.

“He says, ‘You can’t tell people because, if you tell anyone, I’ll go to jail. They won’t understand.’”

“He kept telling me ‘We’re not hurting anybody.’ You know, we were hurting ourselves. Mostly me.” She says the abuse went on until she was 14. She claims that although her father spent four years in prison for abusing her, he still doesn’t fully own up to what he did.

Why does Bob claim that Kim always had a choice?

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This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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Abuse Survivor On Being Molested By Her Father: ‘I Just Felt Dirty’