Anna Lisa claims that her daughter, Amanda’s, fiancé, Alexis, abuses Amanda, encourages her to drink and use drugs, and has cheated on her repeatedly, which Alexis and Amanda both vehemently deny.

“I cannot figure out why she just won’t leave him,” says Anna Lisa, claiming that Alexis has “brainwashed” Amanda and is isolating her from her family.

Anna Lisa is currently caring for Amanda and Alexis’s two small children after Child Protective Services removed them from the couple in January. She says she doesn’t feel that Amanda or Alexis are fit to take care of their kids, which Amanda vehemently denies.

Watch more from "My Daughter Needs To Leave Her Horrible Fiancé!", part one of this two-part episode, to hear why Amanda says that she and Alexis are “wonderful parents” who deserve to have their children back.

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