Megan says she only found out that her 8-month-old nephew was born addicted to heroin after her sister-in-law, Lindsay, was arrested while allegedly driving high.

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Following Lindsay’s arrest, Megan says her brother, Chad, filed an order of protection but when his wife got out of jail, he allowed her to move back in.

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“Chad is making a huge mistake,” she says.

Chad’s mother, Molly, claims her son is “completely blinded by his love for Lindsay and is not thinking clearly at all.” She says she was “beyond infuriated” when he allowed Lindsay to come home.

“Chad is being reckless because he’s putting Lindsay before the safety of his own son,” she claims, adding, “Without a doubt, Lindsay is a danger to my grandson.”

In the video above Lindsay admits to having put her son in dangerous situations in the past.

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Chad insists that Lindsay is six months sober, but his mother and sister say they believe she’s still using drugs. How do they respond when Chad says she deserves another chance?

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