“My daughter, Morgan, is addicted to Adderall,” Liz claims. “She has hallucinations. She has delusions.” Liz also claims that when Morgan takes high doses of the drug, she “gives Bible verses.”

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Morgan denies being addicted and says she takes the medication at prescribed doses to “put my brain on to handle my business.”

Liz claims that because of Morgan’s behavior, she was forced to take custody of Morgan’s two children. “She considers me to have physically stolen her children,” Liz says. “The final straw was when she came to my house to have a visit with the kids’ counselors. She was screaming, and she was in my face. She was so enraged, we ended up having to call the Sheriff. I decided to do a restraining order.”

WATCH: Woman Claims Daughter Is Addicted To Adderall and Exhibits Unusual Behaviors
Morgan’s friend since eighth grade, Amy, says she, too, is worried about her friend who she says used to be a Goody Two-shoes. “When Morgan is not taking her Adderall, she’s a completely different person. I don’t even recognize who Morgan is anymore," Amy says.
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