“My daughter, Sumyr, provokes my grandson, Ash, into violent and volatile behavior,” claims Lenora. “She’s very antagonistic, hateful, and angry toward him.”
Lenora says that her grandson is polite and well-behaved with her, so she’s convinced Sumyr and her partner, Wayne, are the ones to blame for the 13-year-old’s behavior.

“Wayne is very mouthy and just says awful things to Ash,” Lenora claims. “Sumyr constantly tells Ash that 'I don’t want you anymore.'” 

Sumyr denies she’s told her son that she doesn’t want him anymore, but does admit that she has said things that she regrets.
Hear why Lenora says she believes Sumyr is purposely pushing Ash’s buttons and provoking him in the video above.
See what Dr. Phil says to the parents after watching video of Ash on Thursday’s episode, "Out of Control or Provoked!?” Is Ash out of control or provoked by his mother? Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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