Sandy says her daughter, Kelli, has been using drugs and alcohol since she was a child – and no matter how many times she goes to rehab, she can’t stay sober. Sandy says she’s convinced the only way Kelli will kick her habit is to face her traumas.
One of those traumas, Sandy claims, is that Kelli was molested by her father from the ages of 7-17. Sandy claims Kelli revealed that during a hypnotherapy session – but then recanted the story. However, Kelli is adamant that she has no memory of any molestation and doesn't remember admitting to a hypnotherapist that her father molested her. Hear what mother and daughter say about the claims in the video above. And, hear how Kelli responds when Dr. Phil asks her, “Did your father molest you?”
On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'Come Clean to Get Clean'," Dr. Phil tells Kelli why he believes she’s doing drugs. Does Kelli want to get clean? Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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