Rebecca says she hopes to marry Josh, father of her children, even though she says he’s a “controlling narcissist.” Her mother, Cindy, says she can’t understand how her daughter can stay with a man who demands she cook, clean and take care of the home in a specific way -- and who she claims has physically hurt her.

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“Josh wants Becky to do everything like she were a servant,” Cindy says. “Just recently, Becky was at my house with the kids. Josh called her and demanded she leave because the house did not have aluminum foil in it, and he needed aluminum foil.”

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Josh explains, “I totally depended on there being tin foil in the house. I counted on her to have that there. That was her role.”

Cindy also claims Josh has been physical with Rebecca. “Becky does what Josh wants because Josh will get violent,” she says. “Years ago, she told me she ran into a door. She admitted that Josh had hit her and she got a black eye. It’s gotten so bad with Josh that now, Becky and I have a code word when she gets in trouble.”

Josh denies ever physically harming Rebecca. 

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Cindy, who says she hates Josh, says she fears for the safety of Rebecca and her 18-month-old granddaughter who has been witness to her parents’ fighting. “Becky has moved out of the house at least six times in the past two years. Every time she says she’s not going back, but she goes back,” Cindy says. “If Josh doesn’t hurt or kill Becky, Becky is going to defend herself and hurt Josh.”

Is there hope for Rebecca and Josh’s relationship? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday. Check here to see where you can watch.

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