LiAnne says she’s been living in her mother, Debra’s, attic so she can be closer to her children, of whom Debra has legal guardianship. Debra says LiAnne moved into the attic because she was homeless and had nowhere else to go.

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LiAnne’s business partner and girlfriend, Shemelia, has been staying in Debra’s attic too.

“If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” claims LiAnne who says she has a history of substance abuse. Claiming she’s been sober for the past three years, LiAnne says Shemelia has been helping her by “instilling a system of daily affirmations that teaches me to renew my strength.”

Debra claims LiAnne is “completely brainwashed” by Shemelia who she claims has “done nothing but cause complete turmoil.”

Claiming that Shemelia assaulted her brother-in-law and has been physically abusive to LiAnne in the past, Debra says, “I want her out of my daughter’s life, but most importantly, I want her out of the children’s life.”

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Why does Shemelia claim that Debra is a bully who is trying to drive a wedge between them?

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