Debbie says after watching a documentary about aliens three years ago, she decided to try summoning UFOs on her own. She claims she then began seeing aliens and hybrid, animal-alien, creatures in her home.

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“I would see dozens of alien creatures, having a party, having fun, doing their own thing,” says Debbie.

WATCH ‘They Can Do Whatever They Want To You,’ Says Woman Who Claims She’s Been ‘Brain-Mapped’ By Electronic Stalkers

“At first I thought it was real,” she says, adding, “I was just floored really.”

Debbie says that after a while, “I realized someone was messing with me. She now claims she’s being stalked by “electronic harassers” who are projecting holograms through her optic nerves to make her see things.

When Dr. Phil asks, “Do you consider yourself suggestible?” how does Debbie respond?

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