Robyn claims her ex-boyfriend and father of their 12-year-old daughter is a “deadbeat dad.” She claims he hasn’t paid child support in years and at one point he owed almost $18,000.

“He’s lazy, careless, sick, twisted,” Robyn says. “He’s a mess.”

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Robyn also claims that Steve inappropriately engaged with their daughter, Alyssa, while she was staying at his home.

“When my daughter told me Steve was trying to videotape her with his phone in the shower, I was freaked out,” Robyn says, adding that she went to her ex’s house to confront Steve and his fiancée, Jen. She also claims that a few months later, “When I brought Alyssa over, she would not get out of the car. I told Steve, ‘Look at her. You did this to our daughter.’”

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Steve says he was cleared of any wrongdoing and completely denies Robyn’s allegations. He claims Robyn is a drama queen and is just out for his money.

“He’s nothing but a monster,” says Robyn who claims she’s trying to get “justice” for her daughter. “When I mention Steve’s name around Alyssa, she freezes.”

In the video above, hear about another alleged incident Robyn claims happened between Steve and their daughter. And on Thursday’s episode, hear what Dr. Phil says these exes must do for the sake of their daughter. Check here to see where you can watch.

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