“My ex-boyfriend Brandon is extremely manipulative, controlling and does everything he possible can to keep me from seeing my daughter,” claims Danielle, who lost custody and currently only has visitation with her daughter. “When I schedule visitations, he changes the time. Many times, he’s not even there.”

Danielle also claims that Brandon cuts the camera off while she’s participating in court-ordered Skype visitation with her daughter. “It’s extremely unfair and it undermines my relationship with my daughter,” she adds.

Brandon, on the other hand, claims Danielle is “hateful, spiteful, antagonistic and a malicious human being,” and that she has “terrorized” his family for years. He is adamant that all of her allegations are completely untrue.

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Danielle also claims that she’s afraid of Brandon.

“He has a gun and has threatened to kill me twice,” Danielle claims, adding that he made one threat while their daughter was present, accusations Brandon vehemently denies.

Danielle claims that her contentious relationship with Brandon is interfering with her chasing her dreams of becoming a singer and actress.

“I would love to come out to L.A. and get a Grammy. I also want to travel around the world singing for the Lord in contemporary Christian music,” Danielle says, as she shows off her voice. “But Brandon is ruining my relationship with my daughter and is destroying the life that I want for myself.”

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Why does Danielle believe Brandon got full custody of their daughter? And, did she fail to provide the Dr. Phil show with proof of what she claims is Brandon’s negative behavior? Watch more of her story in the video above. This episode of Dr. Phil airs Monday. And on Tuesday, hear why Danielle called poison control after Brandon gave their daughter a beverage. Check here to see where you can watch.