Christy says her relationship with her ex-husband, Mike, has gone “downhill” since his new fiancée, Julia, came into his life. 

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“Since she’s been around, he’s been, just, 100 percent hateful. Mike is always sending me nasty text messages. In the text messages, he’s calling me evil and toxic,” Christy claims. “I just get this gut feeling, because me and Mike have had a good relationship, but the wording of the messages leads me to believe that Julia’s texting from Mike’s phone.”

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Christy also claims Mike is preventing her from seeing their 16-year-old son. “He tells my son not to answer the phone, that he doesn’t have to listen, ‘she’s crazy,’” Christy claims. “My 16-year-old son is my best friend. My son’s never treated me like this or told me he doesn’t want to come home.”

In the video above, Christy admits that she has sent the police to Mike’s house to “reinforce” her court order. And, hear why she says she was justified in sending the police to her son’s school to take him out of football practice.
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