Bronwyn claims a man she hooked up with a few times, Brett, has “stolen” her daughter from her. Bronwyn says Brett wasn’t in their daughter, Bella’s, life for the first four years until he showed up with the sheriffs to take the little girl from Bronwyn.

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“When they came and took Bella, I was completely taken by surprise. I had no clue that the court proceedings were going on,” Bronwyn claims. “Ever since Brett took Bella, this custody battle has gotten ugly.”

Bronwyn claims Brett accuses her of being a drug addict and abusing Bella, which she says is completely untrue. “Brett is alienating me from Bella. He talks bad about me in front of her,” she claims. “Brett is systematically erasing me and Justin from Bella’s life.”

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In the video above, hear from Justin, Bronwyn’s boyfriend who helped raise Bella. And, why does Bronwyn say Brett was not in Bella’s life for the first four years?

On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what happens when Bronwyn and Justin face off with Brett and his girlfriend, Sarah. And on Thursday, Bronwyn claims Brett has teamed up with someone from her past and they both have come up with so many lies against her that CPS knows her on a first-name basis. Find out who’s behind the CPS reports. Check here to see where you can watch.

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'The First Time I Met My Daughter Was With A Half-Dozen Sheriffs,' Man Says