Jem says she dated Joshua for a year; asserting she was attracted by his “New Age” way of thinking. “It’s always been very abnormal and unusual – and at first that intrigued me,” she says. She says that was before she realized he had manipulated her into following him. She claims Joshua told her he was channeling “ascended masters,” and eventually claimed he was Jesus.

On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, Jem claims Joshua tortured her by making her take scorching hot baths (which he denies), forcing her to run through the snow until she collapsed, and even forbidding her from eating (he says they were fasting), so she could live off “God’s energy.” Jem says she lost 30 lbs. and didn’t resist because Joshua would lecture her “for hours on end until I was drained mentally.” She says she gave in just “to try and get him to shut up.”

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Jem also claims Joshua choked her after she told him she wanted to end the relationship. She says it was then she thought she would die. “I know that I would have if I didn’t tell him ‘no … I want to be a part of this again.’”

She says she finally got away from him after she began seeing other people’s reactions.

On Thursday’s episode, Joshua says he “Inadvertently” hurt Jem, claiming, “I was ignorant, and I didn’t know what I was doing.” Find out where you can watch here.

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