Charie’s son, Dylan, is serving time in prison on charges including assault with a deadly weapon, evading police, and child endangerment. In 2015, he reportedly walked into his former mother-in-law, Anita’s, home with a loaded shotgun, demanding to see his estranged wife, Alexa, and their baby son. Anita says she was able to get her former-son-in-law to leave before anyone was injured.

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Charie claims that Alexa, who admits to leaving Dylan for another man, is to blame for Dylan’s actions. She says, “She knows she pushed Dylan over the edge. She knows she abused him mentally and physically.”

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Alexa insists Dylan is responsible for his behavior.

Charie also claims Anita and Alexa aren’t looking out for the best interests of her grandson and accuses Alexa of abusing the child.

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“I’ve seen bruises on him,” she claims in the video above.

Alexa denies Charie’s allegations and says she cut off contact with her ex-mother-in-law, who is now planning to petition the court for visitation.

Can Dr. Phil help this family put aside their differences for the sake of the child?

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