Randi claims her former friend Brittany is constantly telling lies.

“When I first met Brittany, she told me she was pregnant with twins by a doctor. I was convinced that she was. She looked and she acted pregnant,” says Randi. “The more she tells people that she’s pregnant, the more she believes it.”


Randi says Brittany will sleep with men and then claim that she is pregnant with their baby.

“Brittany finds men on dating websites. She will wind up sleeping with these men one time. She tells them that she’s pregnant, harasses them, extorts money from them, and these men give it to her,” Randi says. “This is her paycheck, and that’s why she does it over and over again.”

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However, Randi claims Brittany makes up these pregnancies and she says she wants men to be aware of Brittany’s behavior so they can protect themselves from her.

“She constantly destroys men’s lives and just turns their world upside down,” Randi says.

On Monday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear from a man who claims he is one of Brittany’s victims. On Tuesday, Brittany tells her story, and Dr. Phil tries to uncover the truth. How does she explain the alleged web of lies her former friends claim she tells? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Were Four Men Harassed By The Same Woman?

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Were Four Men Harassed By The Same Woman?