Liz says in the short time she was friends with Sarah, Sarah began to copy her. She claims she started to talk and dress like her.

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“My friend started saying that she was obsessed with me and brought it to my attention,” Liz says. “I really did wonder if her motive for all of this was just to kind of insert herself in my life.”

While Sarah was emulating Liz, she was also deceiving her. Sarah told Liz and her husband, Brian, that she had terminal cancer, a husband and baby daughter, and that she was in a shootout with a stalker – all of which were lies.

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In the video above from Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil reviews a long list of lies Sarah has told friends and family over the years. Hear what he says to Sarah about her behavior.

And on Thursday’s episode, see what happens when Sarah is confronted by another former friend who is a cancer survivor. Check here to see where you can watch.

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