Angie says Ralph divorced her mother, Leta, after she took her daughter, Hannah, and left their home. Angie and Hannah both claim Ralph molested each of them when they lived under his and Leta’s roof. But Angie claims the alleged abuse continued even after the family split up. “Ralph left my mom, and then he started mentally terrorizing me,” she claims.

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Angie says she gave Leta a spare key to her apartment, and claims Leta gave Ralph a copy of the key. Angie is accusing Ralph of using the key to enter her apartment when she was away; scattering papers and leaving notes for her to find.

“I just thought ‘I will always be running from Ralph, for the rest of my life,’” says Angie. She claims Ralph even tried to scare away her husband, Rich, before they got married, so he could get custody of Hannah.

"That's 'cause you were such a God-awful mother," says Ralph. Pointing out he was never charged or convicted, Ralph denies ever abusing Angie or Hannah.

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‘Whatever Else, I Would Like To Be Able To Walk Out Of Here And Say I’m Done,’ Says Man Who Denies Molesting Former Stepdaughter And Step-Granddaughter