Barbara says she’s in love with an online boyfriend, “David Chris Jr.”, and she says he is in love with her.

“When my husband died, I was completely devastated. I was so very depressed until I finally met David,” Barbara, who was married for 44 years before her husband died nearly three years ago, says. “David gave me a new lease on life … He makes me feel very special.”

Just one problem – the two have never met.

Barbara says she was introduced to "David" when a “cousin” sent her a message on a social media site with a link to "David’s" purported financial planning page. After communicating online, Barbara says that "David" asked her to send him money.

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“He explained, if I send him $2,000, he could get me a government grant,” she explains.

While she didn’t send him $2,000 for the grant, Barbara admits she has sent "David" – who she says claims he lives in Michigan but has been in Nigeria for the past year on business – money since they began talking.

“Over the past year, I have helped David out financially. He needed some help paying medical bills,” she says. “In the past nine months, I have sent him about $5,000.”

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Barbara also says she sent "David" $600 for a plane ticket home, but a few days later, she says he claims he was arrested for not being able to pay a hospital bill, and is still stuck in Nigeria.

Barbara says, once "David" makes it home, she is looking forward to the life they will have together.

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“David has made me feel like I’ve never felt before,” Barbara says. “My hope is one day, maybe we can make a life together.”

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