“There is a private Facebook page created by a group of bullies that despise me. They’re fueled by nothing more than pure evil,” claims Suzie. “Some of these people believe that I’ve wronged them. I don't know everything they’ve accused me of, but in my heart, I’ve done nothing wrong. I am the victim here.”

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Suzie claims this group – some whom were former friends – uses her personal photos to make “horrible” memes about her, sent false information to her boss causing her to lose her job and have attacked her business. She also claims some of the people try to start trouble with her in public.

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“People in the group follow me, harass me and they video me. The group slanders me and defames me,” Suzie claims. “I’m terrified for my life.”

Why does Suzie think she’s being picked on? On Thursday’s episode  of Dr. Phil, hear from some of the members of the group. Why do they claim that Suzie has conned them out of money, furniture, horses, and in business? Check here to see where you can watch.

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