Donna says her daughter, Brittany, was a “normal child” with lots of friends, but that changed after her grandfather died when she was 21, and she was then assaulted at age 22 by a boyfriend.

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Donna claims that Brittany, who is now 28, is a “ticking time-bomb” with unpredictable behavior who flies into uncontrollable rages, threatens violence and verbally and physically attacks her and other family members.

WATCH Mom Claims Daughter Is Unpredictable And A ‘Ticking Time-Bomb’

Donna claims Brittany still lives at home because she can’t keep a job. She also says she believes Brittany may have suffered a brain injury that resulted in “serious psychological problems.”

Brittany vehemently denies her mother’s claims that she has any mental health issues, or that she has threatened or attacked her family.

Watch the video above to hear how Donna responds when Dr. Phil asks, “Tell me why you are choosing to allow someone that demeans you, attacks you, threatens you, threatens everybody that you love and care about – live in your home?”

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