n 2013, Shaela was a married mom of two with a career as a school counselor. Then, according to her family, everything changed.

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“Four years ago I was eating a hamburger and vomited and could not stop vomiting. I went to the hospital and they realized I had to have my gallbladder removed."

Her mother, Sandra, claims that since then, Shaela has become a completely different person. “She’s completely irrational. Paranoid. Her behavior is off the wall,” says Sandra. “She gets up in the middle of the night and mows the grass, cuts the bushes, pulls weeds,” claims Sandra. “Another time she poured milk all over the garage.”

Shaela’s stepfather, Bobby, says, “Her behavior is just absolutely bad natured. I mean - just mean.” Today the 44-year-old is divorced, jobless, and lives alone in an RV; but she insists she’s the same person she always was. “Everybody thinks that I have changed, but I have not changed."

Shaela’s family claims her behaviors are escalating, and they want to know what’s happening with her. Does Dr. Phil have the answer?

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