“My daughter, Brooke, is an entitled narcissist,” claims Janice.

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She claims Brooke, 34, who now goes by Brooklin and says she’s a lingerie model, neglects her three daughters, and has put her kids in danger in the past, due to drug use.

“When Brooke was 20, she came out to L.A. and had her oldest daughter with her,” says Janice. “I came out, and it was obvious that Brooke was on drugs. My granddaughter was not even a year-and-a-half old. I absolutely was determined that my granddaughter was not going to stay with Brooke.”

Then, two years ago, says Janice, Brooklin had a car accident while her youngest child was in the vehicle. “The car was totaled; it was very obvious that my daughter was high on drugs,” she claims. “We gave her an ultimatum: you go to a rehab, or we’re taking you to a homeless shelter.”

Janice claims her daughter has been to rehab at least five times. “My concern with Brooke right now is that I do not think she’s capable of being a good mother,” she says.

But Brooklin claims she’s clean and sober. Why does she say her mother makes her feel “like a monster”?

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